About Liv4

With Liv4, a home worthy of awe begins as a blank slate. After careful listening, a simple doodle transforms your dreams into inspired reality. Jaws will drop. There may be happy tears. At Liv4, we’re all about the electric excitement of breathing life into your perfect home, because home is so much more than an address. It’s an extension of you.

Passionate. Experienced.

Zero stress. Complete collaboration. Massive smiles. Our decades of collective experience and professionalism shield you from the strain of countless decisions. Instead, you get to revel in the thrill of the design process. We absolutely love watching your eyes light up as the ideas in your mind become living, breathing realities. Also, we’re just super nice and fun to hang out with.

Design that stands the test of time

Our homes strive to stare down time and dare it to assign our design a label because we’re not interested in pumping out cookie-cutter homes. With the principals of Form, Space and Order as a rule and your dream as our guide, we create beautiful, distinguished, artful living spaces that endure generational phases and defy the trendy.

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Picking up what we’re laying down? Connect with a Liv4 design professional and we’ll guide you through the next steps and bring your dreams to reality.

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